Traditional navigation apps inhibit exploration and discovery. Popular map-based applications like Google Maps, Apple Maps and Citymapper are the best to know the fastest means to get from A to B, but what if you’re not interested in the fastest route but rather just want to explore? That’s why Minimap is here to bring the simplicity back to exploration and it achieves this through an innovation of UI.
Influenced by videogame mechanics from popular titles such as Grand Theft Auto and The Legend of Zelda, Minimap ‘gamifies’ the way in which we navigate. By understanding the way in which these popular videogames encourage users to explore their virtual worlds through their navigation mechanics and GUI, Minimap aims to apply these ideas into reality to see how our everyday navigation can be improved. The result is an innovation in GUI, which presents information to the user in a streamlined and simplified way, enhancing the experience of exploration and making the process of navigating our complicated cities much easier.
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